Another kind of thistle

These thistles are also beautiful in my eyes. Which picture is your favourite?

I’m actually wondering how I should post the pictures. As individual images like below, slideshows, mosaics, circles… what do you think?

It’s been raining as I’m writing this so I’m damp but I want to stay out here for a bit as I just about got here!

I’m wondering if I should wait to schedule this because there are loads more of this thistle around where I am. I’ll just post it now and can always edit or create a new post.


Wallasey beach

I’ve a lot more pictures but sharing these for now as they’re on instagram. I’m finding uploading pictures on my phone to this blog really hard.

Some flowers 3

I’m trying out random ways of inserting the pictures. Because none have posted yet I’ve no way to see how they will come out.

Which one is your favourite? There really are only 3 types here. I can’t edit out the middle which I would since it’s unclear on my phone for some reason. I’m sure there is a way to, but I can’t figure it out….

Some flowers 2

I wonder how this will post. I guess I’ll find out along with you 🙂

I’ve never posted tiled mosaics before. I don’t know if it shows in a reader or not. Although I captioned the images with the names I knew, I can’t actually see the captions. Which one is your favourite?

Flower of the day 31st July 2020

I’m sitting here now. Hang on, I’ll upload a video onto instagram and link it. Okay, here it is.


I saw this flower in the midst. See how small and insignificant it looks?20200731_18171720200731_18172120200731_181727

It’s perfect. It’s gorgeous. It’s awesometastic!

You are beautiful. There is no one in this world who is at all insignificant. You are perfect. You are gorgeous. You are awesometastic! That doesn’t mean you can’t grow. For you can. You’re beautiful just the way you are.

Couch to 5k: Week 9, run 1

For my last run, and this run, I went without the couch to 5k app. I’ve found the app invaluable until now, but it’s now more of a hindrance. I wanted to just run today and see how far I go… I’m using the runkeeper app to track kilometres.

My run only started after 10.30pm. When I could push it off no longer and had to drag myself off the couch. Off the bed I mean.

I did it! I ran for 30 minutes around the roads which were surprisingly peaceful and quiet. As usual when I got home I was really shaky. It’s something I need to discuss with a dr and make sure it’s not harming me. I don’t want to just stop running because there are a few really positive points to it. It’s grounding. At the moment I’m coming back calm which is cool. It means sticking to something which I rarely do. It’s improved my stamina lots. I’m eating more than I would because I need to have the energy to run. So, we’ll see.

The weather is typical for here today. Sunshine, thunderstorms, rain, blue sky, cloudy, heat…. the clouds have come back now which is annoying but at least I can have the window open now.

Happy weekend!