Couch to 5k: Week 9, run 1

For my last run, and this run, I went without the couch to 5k app. I’ve found the app invaluable until now, but it’s now more of a hindrance. I wanted to just run today and see how far I go… I’m using the runkeeper app to track kilometres.

My run only started after 10.30pm. When I could push it off no longer and had to drag myself off the couch. Off the bed I mean.

I did it! I ran for 30 minutes around the roads which were surprisingly peaceful and quiet. As usual when I got home I was really shaky. It’s something I need to discuss with a dr and make sure it’s not harming me. I don’t want to just stop running because there are a few really positive points to it. It’s grounding. At the moment I’m coming back calm which is cool. It means sticking to something which I rarely do. It’s improved my stamina lots. I’m eating more than I would because I need to have the energy to run. So, we’ll see.

The weather is typical for here today. Sunshine, thunderstorms, rain, blue sky, cloudy, heat…. the clouds have come back now which is annoying but at least I can have the window open now.

Happy weekend!

Couch to 5K – Week 8, run 2

I planned on running but it was storming. So I waited to run. It was really hard to drag myself out. I ended up running to a friends house and she gave me a lift home.

Started off on the edge. So so on edge. After 10 minutes was so much calmer. I’ve never yet seen running do that for me. I ended up smiling. Which was cool. I’m grateful this run is done. That I did it….

It was interesting to run on the pavement. I usually do my runs on paths in parks or trails. I spent the run on the phone with said friend. Which meant that I couldn’t take pictures of the flowers I passed, or sunset.

I’m grateful to her 🙂 and for the Mr Freeze ice pop she gave me as she drove me home…

Couch to 5k – week 8 run 1

This run started off really tough. It rained in the middle, but I continued running. And ran for 28 minutes…

Stopped for a bit afterwards.

I’ve never been to this place I ran and didn’t know the paths. Thankfully I landed up at a waterfall I recognised and was able to find my way back pretty easily. I’m looking forward to exploring the paths around here…

I don’t know how to choose pictures… move to the browser to view them – it doesn’t show as a slideshow in reader.

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Couch to 5K – Week 7, run 3

This run was much harder…. I’m not sure why I found it so hard, considering it’s the fourth 25 minutes I did. I did it…! 25 minutes of running.

I chose a really nice walk that I posted here once, that was really nice. I’ve never walked it much so went quite a bit further. At the end of the run I finally got into the running, and after the run stopped by the stream for a bit.




















What’s your favourite picture?

Couch to 5k – Week 7 Run 2

Yay!! Run 2 done… it was tough because it is meant to be a 25 minute run (5 minute warm up walk, and cool down after). I must have drunk too much before heading out….. so I took a break after about 17 minutes of running, and the last minutes, when I started again, my legs were really hurting…

I saw my goslings! Well, I feel like they’re mine 🙂 . I ran around the pond just here for the first 17 minutes. It was really tough to capture them whilst running.


My sister took this picture for me because my pictures were coming out really blurry.


See how much they’ve grown???

There are 5 goslings. I don’t know why I didn’t realise that. Last week they were this size, they’re so much bigger now! I can’t believe they may soon be geese.

I’ve seen from others pictures of the pond that some swans have had babies, but I haven’t yet seen the cygnets myself. I did look out for them… maybe next time I’m in this park.

My muscles were really hurting after running, not in the way it can do. I’m going to try do some stretches tomorrow/today before running again hopefully on Friday. I’d like to run somewhere different. Debating if I want there to be any incline at all or not. I’ve a really nice path I can run on. I’ve never run here. And I can always stop by the water. I won’t because I need to rest after running, but I can…

Anyways, just one more run of week 7! I’m wondering if I should run for an extra minute and a half so that week 8 of 28 minutes won’t be as hard.

It’s cool to see how much my stamina has improved. And the Japanese running really worked… I ran really slowly and until I stopped I wasn’t out of breath (when I started again was out of breath all the time. I think I should have walked for a couple minutes first). I’ve way more ability to walk which is cool, too.

Walk up Peel tower

This post is a slideshow of pictures taken on the walk up to (and back down from) Peel tower. As such it’s much clearer in browser view.

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I love the first because it’s archetypical  english countryside. The flowers are my favourite kinda flower but more the shadowed pathway….

Which is your favourite?

Couch to 5K – week 7 run 1

I ran for 25 minutes!!! I ran for 25 minutes and it was really okay. Someone on the health unlocked couch to 5k forum suggested Japanese running.

I tried running this slowly. I don’t know if it helped or not, but I did do the full 25 minutes… the next 2 runs are consolidation.

This was the path I ran on. A friend joined me and I made sure that for most the time I was running slowly enough to be able to speak.


Saw some flowers along the way…





On the way back, after the run, stopped here.





This lake was part of the run, but the swans were sitting like this an hour later. I’ve never seen swans with their legs like these had….






One of the things I find hardest about running is that I can’t stop and take pictures…. so I’m glad I stopped at the end.

Tomorrow or Wednesday will be run 2. Again 25 minutes. I know I do need the consolidation. It’s really tough for me to get out, but once I finish it feels cool to have done it. Especially now that I ran 25 minutes and it was okay when the last run of 23.5 minutes (supposedly 25) was really hard. I’m hoping they just get easier…

Couch to 5k week 6 run 2

I ran week 6 run 2 mostly around the park.

The first time around I saw the geese swimming with their goslings


The next time around they were coming out of the bushes, a little bit of the video

The last time around


Then, on the way home








Onto week 7… which is 25 minutes of running thrice. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take pictures at the same time… I’ll definitely miss it if I can’t!!

I’m not sure if I can really run for twenty five entire minutes. I guess we will find out…


Walk/run around reservoir

Bolton reservoir

Bolton reservoir






Bolton reservoir

Bolton reservoir





Bolton reservoir

Bolton reservoir







Bolton reservoir

Bolton reservoir


Bolton reservoir

The pictures are pretty much in the order they were taken.

We came to this reservoir yesterday evening and began walking around. I decided to do my couch to 5k run here. Up to week 6, run 1, which is 5 minutes running, 8 minutes running and another 5 minutes of running. I tried following the path…. it seems like the reservoir is split into 2 – the last pictures show the view from over the bridge – but I’d continued further along. It was about an extra half hour walk. A lil unnerving because I thought I would have to walk another entire hour but then thankfully I saw cars parked and knew that I had somehow come back to the very start of the walk…. which was such a relief!

The running was okay. I’ve definitely more stamina then I used to. I never would have dreamed of walking so long and definitely not after I’d run…. but I did it :). Whilst I was running other runners overtook me. Yeah, I know I run slowly. I’m hoping to build up enough stamina to be able to run faster than I do. Part was climbing steps, which was much less running, so feels a bit like maybe I cheated. I can always repeat a run if I think I should…

It was a really peaceful place, and the drive was also really peaceful- through lotsa green roads.

Tomorrow is the next run then either Thursday or friday, depending on when I need to rest my legs more.

It was amazing to go here and just walk/run through the trees and around the lake.

I did it!!! Couch to 5k week 5 run 3

I did it!!!!! I really and truly did it. That is flabergasting and amazing and awe inspiring to me. I ran for TWENTY MINUTES!!!!!! Twenty minutes… did you hear? Do you get what that means???? When Laura, the voice on the NHS podcast I’m listening to said that a few short weeks ago I couldn’t have imagined this truer words couldn’t have been spoken. When I did week 3 the runs were for 3 minutes. And they were so so hard. The first one I dragged my feet, the second was slightly better, the third even easier but far from perfect as I was still dragging a bit. Yet I went on to week 4 – decided to just try and if I can’t do it I’ll go back to week 3. But it was sorta okay and I knew the next runs would get easier. And now I did a 20 minute run! Just a mere couple weeks later. The 13 – 17.5 minutes were the hardest for me. Some points I literally had to force myself to keep running. I looked at the countdown and told myself just until 3.30 minutes left. Just half a minute more. Then there were only 2 minutes left. 1 minute 45 seconds. 1 minute 30 seconds… until I got to the end of a 20 minute run!!!! It may have been, was, imperfect, but it was perfect because I stuck through it and actually got to the end.

I feel unbeatable 🙂

I’m looking forward to next weeks runs being a little easier.

I’m glad I listened to my body yesterday  and didn’t run but just walked. I k re I needed another days rest, and I’m glad I gave it to myself. For now I actually succeeded.

I’m so so proud. In case that’s not evident 🙂

Didn’t take many pictures but only a couple



You can do anything you believe you can do.

Dolphin Girl